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How Wheelchair Friendly are Oxford Walks?


There are 70 fascinating Oxford walks listed on a new website: www.oxfordwalks.org.uk

The walks are listed by theme, with details of starting and finishing points, length, "terrain" and source of a full description (either on the website itself or in a book that can be bought locally). One is titled "Oxford on the Level (for those with mobility difficulties" but many of the others have a wheelchair symbol in the terrain column.

Given often uneven and narrow pavements and the lack of dropped curbs, the guess is that this refers to access for pushchairs rather than powered wheelchairs or scooters, but it needs to be tested. Is there anyone interested in trying out one or two of the walks?

The website has been developed by the Oxford Civil Society in partnership with Oxford Pedestrians and Ramblers Oxford. The experience of a wheelchair user could be shared with them and a way found to indicate on the website the extent to which that walk is actually wheelchair friendly.

If you are willing to have a go, please contact us.

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