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July 2015 Have you got something to say about cuts to transport for disabled people?

Oxfordshire County Council are making changes to subsidised bus services and Dial-a-Ride. These proposals will affect some bus users and all Dial-a-Ride users. Will it affect you?

The council needs to save many millions of pounds. They can save money by running supported transport services more efficiently; however that is not enough to make all the savings.  The council also want to make savings from reducing the current £5 million a year the council pays in bus subsidies and to run the Dial-a-Ride service. Currently Oxfordshire County Council subsidises over 100 bus services in Oxfordshire, which makes up around 9% of the bus network.

Oxfordshire County Council are currently consulting on these proposed cuts. Oxfordshire Rural Community Council are helping with the consultation. Unlimited would like as many members as possible to comment.  The deadline is 14th September

If you want to look at the consultation online click on this link.

If you want to look at other ways you can make your voice heard then download the Unlimited Document on the left hand side of the page.

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