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Supporting and empowering people with disabilities

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Oxfordshire Transport and Access Group


Oxfordshire Transport and Access Group (OXTRAG) is a small, active, independent "service user representative group" and is supported in it's work by Oxfordshire County Council. The group represents anyone who has difficulty in using the highways, the pavements, public transport and the related built environment because of physical or sensory disabilities.

It looks into and advises on difficulties faced specifically by people using public transport and highways. The group offers this information to County, District and Parish Councillors, as well as other colleagues or partner links to help make changes  in the County.

OXTRAG meets once every two months to discuss future issues and proposals which affect the people of Oxfordshire, national issues are also discussed.

The group includes those with disabilities, carers and older people within the County.

This is their latest publication from Summer 2016. It's called 'Who put that there'

Who put that there?

As disabled people and carers we all know how annoying it is when it is difficult to make our way safely along a pavements and footpaths.

Luckily help is it at hand. Our friends at OXTRAG have written a great document which provides information on maintaining and improving the accessibility of our streets to everybody.

Called ‘Who put that there’ it is a simple document showing commitment which everyone involved agrees to work by. This charter identifies the issues faced by disabled people and actions OXTRAG suggests to address these issues.

It has been developed in liaison with Didcot Access Group (DAG), Mobility Issues Group Wallingford (MIGWAL), Guide Dogs UK, individual disabled people and Unlimited Oxfordshire.

You can use this document to find out more about legal responsibilities of those that look after our pavements and to challenge people and organisations that block your right of way.

Legal duties and responsibilities

Our legal rights

Obstruction of the highway by Street Furniture and Temporary Works are broadly addressed by the Highways Act 1980 s.175A.This imposes a duty on highway authorities and other persons to have regard to the needs of disabled people. The obligation applies to the placing of permanent road obstructions (e.g. lamp posts, bollards) and temporary obstructions (e.g. builders skips, itinerant trader pitches or stands)

The Traffic Regulations Act 1984 ssl, 2 and the Town and County Planning Act 1990 S249, 250 protect safety in pedestrian precincts.

Since October 2004 duties under Part III of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (now superseded by the Equalities Act 2010) have insisted that service providers must have taken reasonable steps to remove, alter avoid or provide reasonable means of avoiding problems relating to physical features (such as approaches to buildings).






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