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Supporting and empowering people with disabilities

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Disability resources

Oxfordshire Unlimited is, above all, about equality and we work in six key areas. These are the areas in which people with physical and sensory difficulties may need to be given an unequal contribution of the community's resources, so they can take an equal place in that community.

In priority order, people with physical and sensory difficulties need:

1. Care - care to ensure their daily needs are looked after and especially their health and welfare.

2. Housing - Somewhere to live with a roof over their heads that they can call home. A place to ensure they have somewhere to eat, sleep and receive any necessary care.

3. Transport- A convenient means of getting to and from the places that are important in their lives without it costing a fortune.

4. Access - Easy access to those places where others can go with ease as well as comfort and safety whilst they are there. Additionally, the facilities in those places should be convenient, accessible and usable.

5. Toilets - In those places, a suitable appropriately accessable toilet that provides a comfortable, safe and clean environment.

6. Attitudes - Understanding from others in those places to ensure they are included in all the activities of the place and feel comfortable and accepted as an equal amongst everybody else.

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