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Supporting and empowering people with disabilities

Call us: 0800 044 8192
Email us: info@unltdox.org.uk

About us

Unlimited Oxfordshire exists to make life in Oxfordshire easier to live if you happen to have a physical or sensory disability. Firstly we do our best to be good examples of living life with a disability. Then we write about it, talk about it, laugh about it, share it with others but most of all we do something about it, but not about our disabilities- about life and how to live it well despite the challenges. Our aim is to encourage others with disabilities to do the same - Widening Horizons - and to persuade those who provide and manage the services and facilities in our community to make them more suitable and welcoming for people with physical or sensory disabilities - Opening Doors.

Unlimited Oxfordshire is about changing the way the community treats its disabled residents. It's not that we set out to "help" disabled people; we just want to make sure that they get the same consideration as others and that equality extends to ensuring their physical and sensory difficulties are accommodated and not allowed to become barriers.

Unlimited Oxfordshire is a registered charity controlled by people with physical difficulties. We have received support from MP's, Councillors from Oxford City and Oxfordshire County Councils and some large organisations and we are making our voice heard in the right places to ensure that everyone has equality of opportunity in the County. Buildings, attitudes, transport, education, employment, public amenities and many more aspects of community life that most people take for granted could be changed to become more inclusive by offering some advice, pressure, consultation, research or monitoring etc., all of which we aim to provide. That will ensure that our members and others like us become UNLIMITED!

We have well over 400 members the majority of whom live with either a physical or sensory disability - or both. Anyone can be a member, disabled or not, and just being a member will show your support. It will help us to build Unlimited Oxfordshire into a very powerful organisation. We are also looking for those who could actively help us in some way. We welcome all new members irrespective of how much time, if any, that they can offer. 

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