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Supporting and empowering people with disabilities

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Oxfordshire's Local Transport and Connectivity Plan 2022 - involving Disabled People

The County Council are making plans which will have a long term impact on our local transport and how communities connect with one another.

How will these plans impact Disabled people and will they make transport better for us?

Unlimited held a meeting with County Council officers. We also consultated our members. We responded to the consultation. You can read our response by downloading the document on this page.

We told the Council that Disabled people in Oxfordshire are disadvantaged by inaccessible public transport. We told them that there plans did not mention Disabled people as a community. We told them some of the good things they could do to make all local tranpsort (buses, trains, car routes, walking and cycling) better for disabled people.

The next step is making sure Disabled people are involved as plans are drawn up, this will be during the rest of 2022.

The full consultation is on the Council website https://letstalk.oxfordshire.gov.uk/ltcp

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