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Supporting and empowering people with disabilities

Call us: 0800 044 8192
Email us: info@unltdox.org.uk

How You Can Help to Build and Support Our Work

We can work together by ….

Raising awareness

Spreading the word

Influencing services

Keeping Unlimited running smoothly


With our help and support can you spare ….

Just a few minutes?

  • Join us as a member. We can keep you in touch with what we are up to
  • Follow us on Twitter and spread the word
  • Like our page on Facebook and share our posts
  • Read the website and tell people about what we do


A couple of hours every now and then?

  • Comment on County Council plans and consultations
  • Take notes at our management committee meeting
  • Stuff envelopes for membership mailings
  • Support the Membership secretary, keeping in touch with our members
  • Come to our campaigning events


A bit more time?

  • Create a list of children's books that deliver a positive message about disability
  • Organise a display about Unlimited at a community event
  • Link with other organisations that share similar experiences and/or concerns
  • Form a local group of members to address issues in your area
  • Get together a young people's group who can explore their particular issues
  • Help gather information  e.g. on the challenges of a wheelchair user in Oxfordshire
  • Liaise with OXTRAG (Oxfordshire Transport and Access Group) on issues affecting travel and the means to get about.
  • Take the initiative to liaise with organisations that provide relevant services for people with disabilities, including your District Council.
  • Help conduct access surveys

Help and guidance will always be at hand; no one is expected to go it alone

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